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The bug where the player doesn't move with the platforms still exists in the browser version (I haven't tried the download version yet).

As for feedback, the last level was a bit too riddle-y, a bit too divergent from how the rest of the game is built; I kinda wish you'd just stuck with platforming challenges. Also, on the semi-final level, I got stuck on the right wall of the center platform (all I did was walk off the left side of the right platform), but since walking right to get unstuck results in a fail state, I got sent back two levels. I recommend having a checkpoint after each level instead of sending the player back to the first iteration each time.

 I can't manage to reproduce the platform bug but I'm sure it may be related to browser shenanigans (or webgl shenanigans). Thanks for the feedback!!!

level 3 platforms not frictioning enough.

Should be solved in the new version! :)


Oh man, I love the idea behind it. I'm learning javascript on my own right now, so it was pretty funny. Still took me a long time to understand what the heck all the loop [walk right] things meant aka to AVOID what was in it. Haha I should have realized it would loop every time you tried that. 

The difficulty curve was too much for me, but I've never been good with platformers. I got stuck on the level with the three moving platforms. - Why doesn't your guy on top of a platform move with the platform? He just stays suspended on air - never seen that before in a platform game, and it feels weird. Is there any chance for when you die to NOT have to repeat the previous loops again, and just start on the one you died on? That was incredibly frustrating to me, and why I quit early. Yes, I can jump on the platforms in the first stage, but I need more practice jumping on them without hitting a on the 3rd!

It's a great concept, and I'm so glad you made it. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future!

Thank you for your feedback!!! after Ludum I will fix the platform issue since it was a dumb thing I left for the end of the Jam and (even if it seems dumb) I couldn't fit it on time so I built the level around that limitation. Also will try to add option for, at least, skip the "while" screen. Thanks again!! <3


You guys should mention in the controls there is double jump. That first red level was HARD without it.


Will upadte the controls section of the page right now, thanks for your feedback!


I know this is for Ludum Dare 47, but after the jam is over, you might want to consider switching some controls around; in Chrome F1 opens the help menu and I couldn't get the ALT + ENTER fullscreen to work. DOES have a built in fullscreen button you can add in, though. Other than that, fun game!

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Oops, thanks for the feedback! to be completely honest, the WebGL build was not super planned... we did plan the Windows one but the WebGL was like a shot in the dark. And as it ended working we uploaded it. But you are totally right, after Ludum I will probably adjust some things and change the controls. Thanks for your time!!




Thanks! <3