Iaidô Masters is a fighting game where Samurai Cats clash against each other in order to claim victorious. The main gimmick of this game is that each fighter only has one real attack move: the Iaidô. For more details about its design, please refer to the design document page or just give it a try!

Iaidô Masters is currently under development in order to add more characters to the rooster but you can try  the DEMO that only contains one character.


Attack -> right mouse button
Move -> A/D

Attack -> O(circle)/A gamepad button
Move-> D-Pad

Note: if possible , use an Xbox gamepad when controlling Player 2. Play Station gamepads may present weird behaviours. Feel free to report any major bug/issue in the comments.

Last but not least, we highly recommend playing the .exe. HTML version is fully playable but may contain some visual bugs.

Hairball Works. is:
Carlos P. Sempere - Game Designer, Programmer (@Celuloide)
Raúl Ibarra Díez - Animator (@Croasan)
Santiago Orozco - 3D Modeller (@Santiagu)
Laura Padilla - UI Artist/Designer (@Laura)

The main design idea for this game was the need for understanding the really basics of Fighting Games: "is all about the footsies", as pros say. I always have struggled with Fighting Games but I do love their  complexity so I wanted to create a Fighting Game where mind-games and reflexes had more weight in the overall formula than style or executtion. I don't know if I have 100% succeeded on this task but I do think I have learned a lot about the genre and I'm proud with the overall result.

The main sources of inspiration for this game are: Samurai Shodown series, Divekick and Sekiro's fast paced combat system.

Hope you enjoy this little game as much as I enjoyed the process of creating it!

Carlos P. Sempere

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsCats, demo, Unity


Iaido Masters v.0.3 DEMO.rar 31 MB

Development log


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La forma de combate es tanto visual como auditiva;  Se aprende Mucho de la forma Que se mueve la CPU

Es hermoso el apartado artístico, los movimientos de los gatos, lo especial que son los gatos, cuando ganan o pierden (sus caritas) 

PD: Odie que la CPU tenga un pasito rápido para atrás y yo no aunque si se colocara, ya uno estaría OP (o quizás no descubri como hacerlo)

Buenas Wolf! gracias por probarlo y por darme feedback <3. Tu también tienes el pasito hacia atrás, solo tienes que pulsar dos veces el botón de ir hacia la izquierda (si eres el Player1) o el de la derecha si eres el Player 2. Un saludo y nuevamente, gracias!